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B2B Shopping Platform

An invitation to join the online shop will be sent to you in a separate email, where you can create your personal login and password.

The link to return to the online shop is: We suggest you bookmark the tab or create a shortcut on your desktop for your own convenience.

Thanks to our B2B shop's handy features, you can now:
- Pause your shopping cart until you are ready to complete you order (your current items will not be lost)
- Set up personalised favourite items for ease of reference
- Review your order history
- Search products by category (eg. Age Management, Retail)
- Know immediately if stock is available
- Make credit card payments via the Stripe payment gateway

Freight will apply as follows:
- Once your order is completed you will directed to the delivery address section, place Australia under Country and the freight well be automatically applied $23.75 + GST for all orders.

If at any stage you need assistance with ordering online, please do not hesitate to contact Kris E: or 0427 140 940

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