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Commonly Asked Questions

How do I decide between the Restorative Skin Clarifying Masque and the Ultra-Hydrating Enzyme Masque?
Although either is safe for all skin types, select Restorative Skin Clarifying Masque if you have oily prone skin and Ultra-Hydrating Enzyme Masque if your skin is on the dry side.

Are enzymes safe to use if I am pregnant?
Yes, enzymes can be used safely throughout the pregnancy, however, skin sensitivities naturally increase during pregnancy so always use your products in conjunction with a daily GlyMed Plus sunscreen.

My skin feels warm and gets red when I use Restorative Skin Clarifying Masque. Does this mean I should discontinue?
No, the redness is an indication of the work of the active enzymes contained in this product. Redness alone does not indicate an allergic reaction but usually just an increase in blood flow.

Any age/health restrictions on usage (ie: safe for babies and children, frail skin, etc).