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Commonly Asked Questions

This product was recommended for my acne, but I am hesitant to use it because I break out so easily. Why do I need it?
GlyMed Plus products are completely non-comedogenic meaning they will not create additional breakouts. Cell Protection Serum is a very light formulation. Your skin care professional recommended this product because it contains ceramides. Ceramides are a natural lipid that is natural lipid that is manufactured in your skin and ultimately leads to what is referred to as the “barrier repair function (BRF)”.  Many of the ingredients that are used to directly care for acne conditions can also lead to a breakdown of the BRF leaving the skin dry and irritated.  Cell Protection Serum helps to repair that function. If your skin is still dry, we recommend incorporating Cell Science Ultra Hydro Gel.

I noticed that my skin care professional always uses Cell Protection Serum after my care. Do I still need to use it at home?
Your Aesthetician or skin care professional has been trained to use the Cell Protection Serum after all clinical services to offset any damage that occurred during the process. GlyMed Plus incorporates a safe approach to clinical care by ensuring that all the necessary skin components that were removed from the skin are replaced. However, you will not reap the full benefit of this product by only using it once a week or month. Consistency with home care and clinical services are the key to your skin success.

What gives Cell Protection Serum its incredible aroma?
That great almond smell comes from Benzaldehyde, an extract of the bitter almond essential oil. GlyMed Plus uses only natural fragrances derived from plant extracts in all products.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?
Yes, this product is safe to use during pregnancy.