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Commonly Asked Questions

I have heard this product referred to as the “walk in welcome” peel. Why is that?
Due to the nature of chemical peels, GlyMed Plus procedures require that clients are on approximately 4 weeks of home care before their first time for a clinical service. This helps the esthetician evaluate and determine any potential sensitivities that can be avoided. However, we also understand how clients can be anxious to begin their clinical service. GlyMed Plus Peptide Perfection Peel is safe enough to introduce to clients on the first visit prior to their recommended home care providing that the Skin Care Questionnaire is obtained and evaluated, and caution is taken regarding the length of initial service.

I read that Peptide Perfection Peel is recommended for mature aging skin. Can my acne clients benefit?
Yes! Not only is this peel great for mature skin, but it’s also safe to use for preventative and or acne prone skin. Peptides help to build dense collagen network while the AHA blend helps to remove dead skin build up, cleaning out the pores and preventing future breakouts.

Most of my clients don’t notice any peeling with this product. Am I applying it correctly?
Due to the nature of AHAs, most of the activity is taking place within the skin. Therefore, although there is repair going on, it is not always visible on the surface. Depending on the skin and the need for exfoliation some clients may experience peeling, and some may not. The peel is still working on a cellular level to encourage positive changes whether peeling occurs or not.