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Commonly Asked Questions

Most glycolic peels are made with only glycolic acid, so why does GlyMed Plus combine lactic acid with glycolic acid?
Within the family of AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) glycolic has the smallest molecular structure enabling it to penetrate more rapidly, thus creating more irritation to the skin. Lactic acid is a slightly larger structure, creating a little less irritation. Studies indicate that blending the two together will result in more efficacy, but with less irritation.

Most of my clients don’t notice any peeling with this product. Am I applying it correctly?
Due to the nature of AHAs, most of the activity is taking place within the skin. Therefore, although there is repair going on, it is not visible on the surface. Teach your client not to associate visible peeling with actual results.

Can AHA Active Exfoliator be used on the neck and chest?
Yes, this procedure can be performed anywhere on the body. Make sure if you are adding extra areas, such as the neck, chest, hands, and etc. that you charge accordingly.