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Commonly Asked Questions

Peptide Serum is highly recommended to be used during the summertime, why is that?
Peptide serum is particularly beneficial for use during the summer months since it provides protection against the damaging effects that the sun can have on the skin. During the summer you're more likely to be spending more hours outdoors which can lead to aging and damage to the skin. Peptide serum helps to safely protect the skin and cells from that damage.

What are peptides and how can they benefit my aging skin?
Peptides are amino acid chains that are also referred to as cellular communicators. They have the ability to initiate cellular activity to create some type of response. Peptides are classified in several groups including anti-inflammatories, collagen stimulators, neuro peptides, bio-active peptides, and more. Peptide science is very fast paced and new technology continues to find ways to utilize them in a variety of skin functions.

Is this product safe for pregnant or nursing mothers?Yes, this product is safe to use during pregnancy/nursing.