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Commonly Asked Questions

My aesthetician said this is safer than microdermabrasion, but it uses the same crystals. What makes it safer?
Your Aesthetician is correct. Microdermabrasion uses powerful suction to spin the crystals across the skin and suck the dead skin debris up.  It is the suction that can be traumatizing to the skin and can damage delicate capillaries.

I like to exfoliate, however, sometimes I am pressed for time and wish there was a way to consolidate the steps and still get the same great results.
The Micro Scrub can be mixed with any of the GlyMed Plus cleansers or masques to combine and save time.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?
Yes, this product is safe to use during pregnancy. However, skin is sensitive during this time so use with caution. Too much exfoliation can leave skin feeling sensitive.