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Commonly Asked Questions

My skin looks white when I first apply this product, is there something wrong?
No, Master Aesthetics Elite Photo-Age Sunscreen 30+ contains titanium dioxide, a physical sun protection ingredient. Titanium dioxide leaves a temporary whiteness on the skin that will quickly dissipate as it warms to body temperature. The good news is that you will know where you applied and did not apply the product. This will help ensure you have covered all exposed areas.

Does SPF 30+ mean I don’t have to reapply?
No, SPF factors are based on individual genetic background meaning lighter skin applies more frequently than dark skin. Higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor) means you can extend your exposure time before reapplication.

Can I also use Master Aesthetics Elite Photo Age Protection Cream 30+ as my moisturizer?
Many individuals love the fact that they can save a step with this product. In addition to the sun protection ingredients, it includes many hydrating ingredients, making it a very luxurious daytime moisturizer.

How often I should apply sunscreen throughout the day?
Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before UV exposure and reapplied every 2 hours if spending time outside.