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Commonly Asked Questions

My Aesthetician gave me Comfort Cream to use two to three days after waxing. Can this product replace my drugstore brand?
Of course! GlyMed Plus Comfort Cream should be part of any home first aid kit. It is appropriate for use on bites, sunburns, rashes, and more, Comfort Cream contains 200% Aloe Vera, What does that mean? GlyMed Plus Comfort Cream is a 2:1 concentration of Aloe Vera: Most skincare products contain a 1:1 concentration. This provides for a potent formulation of Aloe Vera that exceeds all other skin care products containing Aloe Vera.

I am African American and my Aesthetician strongly recommended Comfort Cream for me to use after hair removal. Why?
Comfort Cream is used by many skin care professionals after waxing to reduce the redness and discomfort of the procedure. Although many hair removal procedures may appear harmless, several of them incorporate methods that exfoliate the skin. Individuals with skin of color run a higher risk of hyperpigmenting (darkening) after hair removal. Comfort Cream also contains an ingredient, arbutin, which helps to reduce this risk as well as reduce the formation of ‘liver spots’, which tend to develop in aging skin. When used regularly it may even help to eliminate existing spots.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?
Yes this product is safe to use during pregnancy.