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Commonly Asked Questions

I noticed that Skin Astringent is available in three strengths, how do I decide which is best for me?
GlyMed Plus Serious Action Acne System is a very effective line for treating acne. Therefore, even the 2% can be very strong for some individuals. We recommend you start with 2% and if necessary, progress to 5%. The 10% can be used on areas with thicker skin like the back.

Is it always necessary to use an astringent daily?
Serious Action Astringents are incorporated in a daily regimen for oily and acneic skin. Salicylic acid is an effective ingredient in controlling oil. Since it is the oil that feeds the bacteria present in acne, controlling oil will have an effect on controlling acne.

I love using Serious Action Astringent No. 2 on my skin as it controls the oil. However, my skin gets very red afterwards. What can I do?
Follow the application of Serious Action Astringent with Living Cell Clarifier to reduce redness and calm irritation. Because of the anti-inflammatory benefits of Bearberry Extract, Mulberry Extract and Licorice Extract, Living Cell Clarifier is the fastest way to calm the skin after any active product.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?
No, salicylic acid is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers unless prescribed by a Physician.

Any age/health restrictions on usage (ie: safe for babies and children, frail skin, etc.).