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Commonly Asked Questions

Why is this called a peel?
Although you will not see a visible flaking or peeling from this superior enzyme, you will benefit from the amazing results. It possesses the mechanical action of a peel without the wounding action of an AHA. It penetrates the stratum spinosum releasing the desmosomes one at a time allowing for greater desquamation without the injury.

Is this peel safe during the summer?
This is a perfect summertime peel. It is safe and effective with no downtime or preparation required. In clinical studies it has proven to cause less than 5% photosensitivity. This makes it a perfect peel for the summer to maintain the skin until fall/winter when you can perform traditional peels. In addition, it can be used during wintertime to maintain the integrity of clinical services.

Why is Gentle Facial Wash or Gentle Facial Wash with BIOCELL-sc recommended as the first cleanse?
The Protease enzyme works best in an acidic environment. By first utilizing these AHA cleansers it lowers the pH of the skin, thus creating greater efficacy.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms? Yes.