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Summer is ending all too quickly, but even as the days get shorter and you’re not spending as much time in the sun, signs of sun damage may be lingering under the skin. UV damage is the number one culprit of premature aging, and while it’s always best to prevent sun damage with correct SPF usage, there are still ways to reverse sun damage before and even after it appears on the surface of your skin. A combination of professional treatments and a tailored-to-you at-home regimen can keep your skin healthy, protected, and young for years to come. Learn more about the ingredients and treatments you can incorporate into your skincare to repair and reverse sun-damaged skin.


It’s no secret that we love our retinol here at GlyMed. And for good reason too! Not only does it help with acne and aging, but it can repair and reverse sun damage deep within the skin before it ever reaches the surface. Since sun damage isn’t visible right away, it’s easy to assume there’s no need to combat it now. But the fact is that sun damage can linger under the skin for years at a time. To repair and prevent the appearance of damage on the skin, you may benefit from a product that works inside the skin, such as micro-encapsulated retinol. Micro-encapsulation allows the active ingredient to penetrate deeper into the skin and release over time making the retinol more effective at repairing damage under the surface while being gentler on the skin. Retinol works on sun damage by encouraging cell turnover and increasing collagen production, both of which help set damaged skin cells on a healthier course. With the regular and correct use of retinol, you’ll find fewer fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and a more even tone and texture.

Featured in: Retinol Rejuvenation Serum



Niacinamide is a gentle ingredient, but don’t let that fool you, it can work wonders for skin that’s been exposed to the sun a few too many times. Niacinamide can treat hyperpigmentation, build keratin, rebuild healthy skin cells, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, all of which are essential for preventing and repairing sun damage that leads to premature aging. Due to its gentle nature, you can incorporate niacinamide into almost any skincare routine. Mists, serums, and moisturizers with niacinamide can be used morning and night, while masques are an excellent way to add an extra dose here and there when your skin barrier is compromised, or it just needs some extra love.

Featured in: CBD Skin Mist, CBD Age Delay Dew, CBD Hydratherapy Masque with Micro-Silver, and CBD Soothing Serum with Micro-Silver



Lines and wrinkles can form on the skin due to oxidative stress from pollutants and environmental aggressors, such as the sun’s UV rays. When an antioxidant such as Vitamin C is applied to the skin, it combats oxidative stress, slows the aging process and protects the skin from further environmental aggressors. Adding Vitamin C to a skin care routine promotes delayed aging, lightening hyperpigmentation and fighting inflammation. It’s important to note that some may have experienced sensitivity to Vitamin C, which can cause irritation, or in more severe cases, worsen acne. The reason for this sensitivity is that low-quality Vitamin C can quickly become unstable and throw off the PH balance of the skin. This is rarely the case with GlyMed Vitamin C products, as we only use the highest quality and most stable forms of Vitamin C we can source. If you’ve never used Vitamin C or had a bad experience in the past with another brand, we recommend patch-testing our product and then easing your way into using it to see how the skin takes to the product. Vitamin C products should be applied in the morning with sunscreen for optimal protection and at night to combat the oxidative stress your skin may encounter during the day.

Featured in: Pigment Brightening Serum, Vitamin C Cream, Vitamin C Serum, Protective Skin Serum with Ceramides (Cell Protection Serum), Peptide Firming Cleanser, and Vitamin C Cleanser



Regulating and encouraging the natural exfoliation process of your skin can improve the signs of sun damage, so AHAs (chemical exfoliators) can be highly effective in reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, texture, fine lines, and wrinkles that have been caused by sun exposure. When choosing a chemical exfoliating product, you can choose one or a mix of different kinds of acids like glycolic, lactic and mandelic. Although no matter what AHA you are using it’s important to note that they can sensitize the skin if not incorporated into a skincare routine properly. Here are some tips for using your AHA products correctly:

  • Apply and reapply sunscreen every day, even on days when you are not using an AHA in your regimen.

  • Since AHAs cause sun sensitivity, it’s best to only use them at night and opt for gentler active ingredients in the morning.

  • Add AHA into your skin care gradually, only using it 1 – 2 times per week and working your way up to more frequent usage as your skin shows higher tolerance.

Featured in: Glycolic Facial Cleanser with 10% Glycolic Acid, Accelerator Gel with 20% Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Gel with 10% Glycolic Acid and Resurfacing Night Cream with 15% Glycolic Acid



For someone who is currently dealing with or is prone to hyperpigmentation caused by the sun, some of the most effective ingredients are tyrosinase inhibitors. These ingredients communicate with your melanocyte cell (the cell that creates and overproduces pigment) to keep skin even and clear of spots. The natural tyrosinase-inhibiting ingredients used in GlyMed formulas are a natural and much gentler alternative to hydroquinone, another skin-lightening agent. Since hydroquinone often causes sensitivity and tends to strip the skin, we default to our beloved bearberry, licorice root, kojic acid, and mulberry extract to keep the skin brightened without causing over-sensitivity. While these ingredients are gentler, some of our formulas that include these tyrosinase inhibitors may still contain ingredients that cause photosensitivity. Please note that proper sunscreen use is a must with our tyrosinase inhibitors, as it is with any and all skincare regimens!

Featured in: Diamond Bright Skin Illuminator, Pigment Brightening Serum, and Daily Skin Clarifier



Chemical peel treatments are highly effective for reversing sun damage when coupled with the proper at-home treatment. While all chemical peels provide powerful exfoliation that can reduce signs of photodamage, the following professional-only chemical peel solutions are some of the best GlyMed has to offer for sun-damaged skin:

  • Professional Peptide Perfection Exfoliator - Uses mandelic acid and epigenetic peptides to gently exfoliate the skin and fight environmental aging.

  • Professional Exfoliator with 30% Lactic Acid - Combines the exfoliation and skin brightening power of 30% lactic acid with active tyrosinase inhibitors to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase firmness and elasticity, and reduce pigmentation.

  • Professional 5-Berry Solution with 7% TCA - This TCA and antioxidant peel is the ideal solution for photo-aging, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. This formula combines 7% TCA and the reparative, protective, and anti-aging benefits cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and bearberry.

  • Professional Vitamin A Solution with 10% TCA - A strong exfoliator that includes 10% TCA, 10% glycolic and 5% retinol to resurface the skin by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.

  • Professional Pigment Lift Solution with 15% TCA - This 15% TCA solution paired with powerful natural tyrosinase inhibitors is renowned for its results in treating, correcting, and controlling pigmentation, wrinkles, and overall photodamage

Reach out to a GlyMed professional today to inquire about their chemical peel services to see if one of the above treatments would work for you!



If you’re ready to feel the best in your skin, GlyMed is here. With revolutionary pharmaceutical-grade formulations, GlyMed is a leader in the skincare industry that can treat all skin types and conditions, including sun-damaged skin.

Contact your local GlyMed Pro today to schedule a consultation and to chat about GlyMed’s extensive product line!