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Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day

Protecting Our Earth Matters.

Earth Day has been celebrated for over 50 years. The first earth day was in 1970 when over 22 million Americans were able to celebrate clean air, land, and water. It has become an annual event celebrated worldwide when people appreciate humankind's connection to the Earth and raise awareness of our environmental challenges. At GlyMed Plus, we pride ourselves on the initiatives we can do and are always working on improving them.

Our products:

  • Natural and Certified Organic Botanicals and Antioxidants

  • Pharmaceutically manufactured Peptides

  • Natural Phytopharmaceuticals

  • Naturally extracted pharmaceutical-grade Alpha-Hydroxy Acids


  • Our peanuts are biodegradable

  • First professional pharmaceutical-grade company to be awarded RPA-100% symbol

  • 100% Recycled Paperboard cartons

  • Utilize Soy dyes

  • Utilize PVC recycled plastic

Here at GlyMed Plus, we are uncompromising about what goes into our products and what does not. Our Products don’t contain:

  • No Artificial Colorants- They can block your pores and interfere with your skin's natural oil balance, which makes you prone to blemishes

  • No Animal Testing

  • No Unnecessary Chemicals

  • No Synthetic Fragrances-Skin fragrance is a leading cause of both contact dermatitis (like rashes) and allergic reactions

  • No SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)- This can be very irritating and drying to the skin. It can also cause sensitivity.

  • No Phthalates- Exposure to the chemicals could cause a wide range of health and reproductive problems

  • 99% Paraben Free

We all must do our part to support and protect our Earth. "One individual cannot possibly make a difference alone. It is individual efforts, collectively, that makes a noticeable difference—all the difference in the world." Dr. Jane Goodall How can you help?

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Conserve water

  • Use your reusable bag when grocery shopping

  • Carpool, bike, walk or ride the bus

  • Compost food and yard waste

  • Participate in an Earth Day clean up

  • Donate unwanted items instead of throwing them away


If you have any questions and would like to speak to one of our friendly Master Aestheticians in your area, please emailsupport@glymedplusaustralia.com.au


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Written by Whitney Dickerson