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5 Reasons to Choose GlyMed Plus Skincare

5 Reasons to Choose GlyMed Plus Skincare

There is no denying that the world of skincare is vast and complex. So, when it comes to picking new products to create a daily regimen it can be difficult to know where to start.


As you are doing your research, you might learn about professional skincare and how it differs from what you can find in stores. GlyMed is a purely professional brand that is devoted to creating effective skincare for all types of skin and skin conditions using only the best ingredients and formulas. But our mission does not stop there. If you are looking for a reason to start using GlyMed products, here are five:


Pharmaceutical Grade Products

As a pioneer in skin care, our founder, Christine Heathman, set out to create the highest-quality skincare. Since 1991, GlyMed has been committed to creating pharmaceutical-grade products, which has always been our standard.

Pharmaceutical skincare penetrates deeper through the epidermal layers to affect the function and structure of the skin. This is achieved using pure, quality ingredients and a higher percentage of active ingredients than what you can buy over the counter.

Per the FDA standard, pharmaceutical grade is only awarded to products with 99% pure ingredients, while cosmetic grade can only be up to 70% pure, so you’re getting a more impactful formula. Pharmaceutical brands are always required to undergo extensive testing to prove that their products work the way they claim. This means every product from GlyMed is literally scientifically proven to treat skin concerns and specific conditions.

When it comes to cosmeceutical-grade products, you're not always getting the best results for your dollar. Even when buying a luxury skincare brand at the store, you’re still likely to find products with lower concentrations of active ingredients and more fillers. While the convenience of cosmeceutical skincare that can be bought at any beauty or drug store might sound appealing, pharmaceutical-grade grade bought from a professional is the best way to guarantee proven results.

We're proud to be a leader in the professional skincare community, and with Christine's vision in mind, we'll continue growing GlyMed with our superior formulations.


Purely Professional Skincare

It may be easy to believe that buying products from a luxurious brand in your local beauty store will offer better results than something you can pick up at a drug store. And while in some cases this might be true, you just can’t beat the extensive research and superior ingredients you can find at GlyMed. Professional, pharmaceutical-grade formulas will always go above and beyond the norm.

Professional brands, such as GlyMed, are not available over the counter, whether at a drug store or beauty store. Instead, professional products are only distributed to and through licensed skincare professionals. This is a significant benefit because when you buy skincare through your esthetician, you're not only offered better products, but you will also receive:

  • Professional and custom recommendations based on your skin

  • Tips for maximizing your skincare routine

  • Home care products that extend the results of treatments

Your esthetician is not just trained in the art of treatments, but they are also the best person to help you create an at-home regimen. They'll help you determine and order professional products that best suit you and your skincare goals.


Treats All Skin Types and Skin Conditions

GlyMed's founder sought to create skincare solutions to treat all skin types and conditions from day one. We categorize skin types into the following five classifications:

  • Sensitive – The skin becomes quickly red and irritated, may be dehydrated, or have a compromised skin barrier

  • Oily – The skin produces excess oil; it often feels and appears shiny.

  • Dry – The skin does not produce enough oil and may feel tight or itchy.

  • Normal – Sebum production and moisture are balanced, neither oily nor dry.

  • Combination – The skin is either oily and normal or oily and dry, typically oily through the t-zone.

Each product page on our site details which skin type the product is suitable for, many of which can be used for various kinds.

While many skincare lines might solely focus on anti-aging, acne, or other skin conditions, we are proud to carry an extensive line with products suitable for many conditions, such as:

  • Eczema

  • Psoriasis

  • Acne

  • Rosacea

  • Aging Management

  • Keratosis Pilaris

  • Pigmentation Disorders

Our Four-Step Process

Skincare for all also means keeping skincare attainable. We've created a simple four-step process that ensures you're getting the necessary nutrients and ingredients to support healthy skin without making it complicated. With our four-step regimens, you can have as little as four products in your routine or build more products into your schedule if you'd prefer.

Something you'll find with GlyMed products is how harmonious they are. We're happy to offer an extensive line of products while allowing each formula to work in conjunction with another. This means your routine can be as simple or complex as you prefer.

Cleanse: Remove oil, dead skin cells, environmental pollutants, makeup, and debris from the skin. This is an essential step for both morning and night. We suggest two cleansers in the evening, with the first cleanser focusing on makeup, sunscreen, and debris removal, while the second cleanser concentrates on your specific skin concerns.

Treat: Use serums and treatment creams to effectively target skin conditions and concerns. This step is performed both morning and night in most regimens. Some active ingredients (I.e., retinol, AHAs, and BHAs) in this treatment step may cause photosensitivity, so you will only apply such products at night.

Balance: This step focuses on moisturizing the skin with vital ingredients that restore, repair, and rejuvenate the skin. This step is necessary both in the morning and evening. There are multiple balance products that one might use; for example, someone uses the same moisturizer for both morning and night, while others prefer a lighter moisturizer in the morning and something heavier at night. You and your esthetician can best evaluate what your skin requires.

Protect: Protect your skin each morning with an antioxidant-rich SPF that defends against UVA and UVB rays, harmful pollutants, and free radicals. This is the last step in all morning skincare and should be repeated throughout the day to ensure you have maximum protection.


GlyMed Guarantees

Never tested on animals - We are committed to highly researching every ingredient in our formulas to ensure efficacy without testing on animals.

Vegan-friendly products - Over 90% of our formulas do not contain animal by products.

Certified organic - Made with pure, organic botanicals and antioxidants sourced worldwide.

No synthetic fragrances - We do not add scents to our skincare; any fragrance in our formulas originates from a beneficial essential oil or botanical.

99% Paraben-free – We do all we can to keep our products free from harsh artificial preservatives.

Earth-friendly initiatives – We believe that we must treat our earth well, so we practice earth-friendliness by ensuring:

  • Bio-degradable packing materials

  • Packaging made from recycled materials

  • Phthalate-free products


GlyMed Professionals Near You

Ready to take the leap into professional skincare products at home? GlyMed has thousands of skincare professionals across America selling our products geared up and ready to show you what to use in your day-to-day regimen. Learn more about our products by browsing our website and finding a licensed professional near you!


If you have any questions and would like to speak to one of our friendly Master Aestheticians in your area please email support@glymedplusaustralia.com.au



Written by The Institute of Skin Science